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1. Automatic Filtration Systems

One of the main problems associated with water is the presence of suspended solids: dissolved ionic substances that tends to give bad taste and odor and iron that causes staining.

We have a full range of filters to solve your specific problems. Different filter media are available. Filters are automatically operated for all operation and available for wider range of applications.

2. Multiple Layer Filters

AmeuropUSA Commercial Multiple Layer Filters are built utilizing Filter Sand, Anthracite filter media. These filters are designed to remove ferric iron, silt, and turbidity. Sediment filtration down to the 10 micron level is common.

3. Sand Filters

AmeuropUSA Commercial Sand Filters are built utilizing Silica Sand filter media. These filters are designed to remove turbidity. Sediment filtration down to the 10 micron level is common.

The graded silica sand is specifically for the removal of suspended solids in water. The high grade silica sand has an excellent solid retaining property capable of giving sparkling clean water.

4. Carbon Filters

AmeuropUSA commercial carbon filters are built utilizing ProActive™ carbon. The best grade of non-viscous, coal based, virgin, steam activated carbon available. These filters are designed to be high quality, taste, odor, chlorine, color, and chemical reduction filters.

Organic matters causing bad taste and odour are removed by activated carbon filter media. Granular activated carbon provides large area for absorbing organic impurities in the water providing water free from bad odour and taste.

5. Metalease Filter

AmeuropUSA Commercial iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese filters are built utilizing MetalEase™ filter media as the primary layer. These chemical free filters are designed to remove dissolved metals (such as iron), silt, & turbidity from water.

The main causes of the staining in kitchen sinks, bathroom lavatories, tiles and bath tubs, clogging of pipes are the presence of dissolved iron in water. Presence of iron in water also causes bad taste and odour. The metalease media is specifically manufactured as a catalyst that converts the dissolved iron into settle-able form that can be filtered and removed from water.

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