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Solar Water Heaters

The sun is the main energy source of the Earth, giving rise to most of the primary energies we use: fossil fuels, biomass, wind. All of these are consequences of the existence of the sun and its relative proximity. Direct use of it also enables us to obtain immediate benefits in the form of electricity or heat. This latter form of harnessing the sun is the most economical option for producing thermal energy.

While other systems need to consume energy during the process of producing heat, solar energy systems enable this to be carried out without the need to use other types of energy.

The ability of these systems to generate heat can reach levels of coverage, depending on location, of up to 70% of demand. The cost of a kilowatt hour generated offsets the investment (systems can pay for themselves within a few years with the savings made) and reduces maintenance costs. This cost is, without doubt, the lowest of any means of thermal generation during the long useful life of these reliable and sustainable systems.

We provide turnkey commercial solar water heating solutions as well as pre-engineered residential systems. We offer comprehensive training, technical support, commercial system sizing, engineering and design.

BWT offers an extensive range of solar thermal energy products for all types of solutions:

  • Four ranges of flat-plate solar collectors, as well as large format and roof tile-integrated systems.
  • All types of support structures.
  • Prefabricated systems, such as thermosyphon, forced circulation and drain-back.
  • Storage tanks of all sizes and systems.
  • All types of accessories for solar thermal energy installations.
  • Panels and accessories for swimming pool heating systems.

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