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Water Softener Systems

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions. Water softeners use resin beads, which hold sodium ions. When hard water passes through the resin beads inside the softener, the beads attract and hold calcium and magnesium ions and give off sodium ions. After this process, the water leaving the softener is soft.

Salt water is used to wash the resin beads. The brine solution loosens the hardness ions, which have built up on the resin beads; then the system backwashes and flushes the hardness minerals away. Once again the system is ready to soften more water.

water softener System

AmeuropUSA corrosion proof water softeners are built utilizing Resinex resin as the primary layer. These cationic ion exchange systems are designed to remove calcium and magnesium (hardness), and a host of other cations from the water.

Softeners are equipped with high hardness removal capacity resins, automatic regeneration scientifically adjusted to your specific requirements.

The rate of maintenance is minimum and installation of the unit does not require complicated tools or equipment.

Our engineers and reliable technicians install and supervise if necessary.

For removal of calcium and magnesium as total hardness, we provide excellent and fully qualified technical systems with salt regeneration.

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