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Sewage Treatment Plants

BWT offers you the latest and most appropriate technology available in treating sewage and waste water, whether for compliance with local regulations or for reuse.

We supply ranges of sewage treatment plants of standard from 2 to 300 cubic meters/day (500 to 10,000 gallons/day), suitable for 10 to 2,000 population with all the equipment for mechanical, biological and chemical treatment which are supplied for plants of each size. For small plants, standard are simpler to operate. Bigger plants will be projected individually.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We also supply the individual equipment for sewage treatment plant.

Engineering, construction and maintenance is handled by experience engineers, trained installers and qualified technicians. The individual equipment and every component are manufactured by the reputable manufacturers with back up spare parts mostly available in stock in our warehouses.

BWT Package sewage treatment plant produces quality of effluent suitable for irrigation purposes. The standard plants available ranges from capacities of 2 to 380 cubic meters/day (500 to 100,000 gallons/day). The treatment plant consist of aeration tank, clarifier, Chlorination chamber, air blowers for aeration and sludge digestion (Optional). They are easily installed being mounted only in the concrete foundation either above or below the ground.

Another variation of the package treatment plant is using the rotating biological contractor process. These are also available from capacities from 9.5 to 380 cubic meters/day (2,500 to 100,000 gallons/day), the purification of the waste is achieved by passing the sewage through a rotating biologically active media which convert the dissolved organic matter in the sewage into separable sludge and carbon dioxide, thus reducing the dissolved organic matter in the water significantly. It will also cause flocculation of suspended solids in the waste for easy separation and subsequent disposal. One advantage of this process is it requires less maintenance and power requirement.

BWT Package treatment plants either extended aeration or rotating biological contractor process, can be installed in parallel to accommodate larger flows, if required.

Every Sewage treatment plant is designed to suit our client’s specific needs. We are able to offer varying degrees of treatment, depending upon operational requirement.

Our Aerobic treatment system for organic removal is compact and cost effective using the following technologies:

  • Activated sludge process (ASP)
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
  • Submerged Aerated Fix Filter (SAFF)
  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)


These plants are specially used in kidney dialysis center of hospitals, medical purposes and treatment of critical patients suffering from kidney failure.

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